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Our Response to Covid


Reaching the Tribes has taken actions to support the government efforts to contain the spread of the disease in the country, ensure the well-being of our people and partners and assist affected communities.


In order to help protect all Reaching the Tribe employees, recipients, volunteers and partners, all staff and volunteers are expected to observe the following:

1. Monitoring for Symptoms
2. Social Distancing and Minimizing Exposure
3. Face coverings with mask and face shield
4. Cleaning and Hygiene
5. Protecting Vulnerable Populations


The following actions have been put in place:

1. There will be no feet washing during shoe distribution.
2. There will only be two persons in the cooking area during feeding program. Three persons will direct the children to the serving stationsand sitting area.
3. During all distributions, there will be a limited number of persons at each station and social distancing will be observed.



Reaching the Tribes will continue to support the country’s efforts against Covid-19 and follow the guidance of health authorities on this matter. Our thoughts go to everyone affected by this disease.  We wish everyone safety and good health.