about us

We are Reaching the Tribes

What we do

We serve 10,400 meals per month through Convoy of Hope, we are National Directors for Samaritan’s Feet Philippines and we give away thousands of school supplies, hygiene packs and eye glasses every year.


Our Mission

We are the Cheeks family. Our goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We serve the poorest of the poor in the Philippines since 2011.


      God is the creator and ruler of the universe. He is eternal and exist in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are equal and one God

Scripture References

•Genesis 1:1, 26-27; 3:22; •Psalm 90:2; •Matthew 28:19; 

•II Corinthians 3:14; I Peter 1:2


      God The Father: We Believe That God The Father Holds All The Attributes Of God While Exercising A Unique Role In The Trinity. The Godhead Is In Agreement With The Role Of Each: God As Father, Son As Sac-rifice, And Spirit As Power. He Is The Father Of Jesus Christ, By The Power Of The Holy Spirit, And Yet Still One With Both As God. The Father Adopts Believers Into Relationship With Him As Their Father.

Scripture References

 •Luke 1:35; •Matthew 3:17;• Romans 8:15-17; •John 15:1&2; 

•Hebrews 12:7-11


       Jesus Christ Is The Son Of God, The Messiah, The Way, The Truth And The Life. He Is Co-equal With The Father As God. Jesus Lived A Sinless Human Life And Offered Himself As The Perfect Sacrifice For The Sins Of All People By Dying On A Cross. He Arose From The Dead After Three Days To Demonstrate His Power Over Sin And Death. He Ascended To Heaven’s Glory And Will Return Again Someday To Claim His Own And Take Them To Heaven. 

Scripture References

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       The Holy Spirit Is Co-equal With The Father And The Son Of God. He Is Present In The World To Make Men Aware Of Their Need For Jesus Christ. He Also Lives In Every Christian From The Moment Of Salvation. He Provides The Christian With Power For Living, Understanding Of Spiritual Truths, And Guidance In Doing What Is Right. As Christians We Seek To Live Under His Control Daily. 

Scripture References

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